How start-ups can be a great choice for interns?

Learning new skills and adding value to your professional career should be an internship’s main objective. You must have thought about or have probably applied for a long list of internships with some of the world’s leading companies, just like thousands of your peers. But have you ever considered applying for internships at a start-up? If not, then this blog is for you. It’s been observed and experienced by many students that Start-ups have been proven to be a great choice for interns.

There’s a lot to be gained by working for a smaller company, especially when you’re first making your entrance into the workforce. Working for an up and coming company may not have the brand-name recognition in the beginning that your friends in finance and marketing are looking for, but it will give you a host of real-life experience that will be hard to get in any other industry.

Listed are the reasons why working for a start-up makes a ton of sense, also which makes start-up a great choice for interns nowadays: 

  1. You’ll have more responsibility in your hands

An internship in a well-known organization can give you lots of benefits, but what will you actually be doing day-to-day? In a start-up, time and resources are extremely valuable, which means that there’s a high chance that you’ll be working on real projects from day one itself. This might sound a little scary, but working with a team effectively and efficiently is what matters. Being part of a team will not only improve your confidence but it will also help you gain valuable experience that will give you the extra edge you need when applying for your first job, when compared with interns from big companies.

  1. You’ll learn how organisations work in real:

Working as an intern for a big company often limits your exposure to all business functions, since one will usually just set tasks around a certain business area. So, you will end up your internship with great knowledge of that business function but not much else.

However, in a start-up, case is in your favour. Start-ups usually have smaller teams, so you will be in the middle of all the action and experience pretty much all business functions that the company performs, giving you the big picture. Plus, you’ll be involved in discussions, like this you’ll get plenty of experience trying out different tasks.

  1. You’ll have a better chance of securing the internship:

As not many people consider applying for an internship in a start-up, you will already have less competition and more of a chance of securing the spot, because of less awareness among students about them. Not only this, but start-ups have a whole different culture and are more flexible with their candidate selection, and if you make the right impression with what you have to offer, your chances are higher of getting that coveted spot.

  1. You’ll get more feedback from people:

With all the given responsibilities and being able to work in different job functions at the same time, you will get valuable feedback on the work you’ve done. Getting feedback from your peers at a start-up will be a lot easier because you will work more closely with senior colleagues at a start-up. This is great because you can get a real idea of what you are naturally good at and passionate about when applying for your first job.

  1. You’ll experience a different type of work culture:

Rather than working in an office with hundreds of cubicles, start-ups tend to be a little open. Often, you’ll come to find that start-ups will usually opt for business casual and will tend to have an open office space environment. We do note that neither type of work culture is wrong per se, but rather it depends on your preference.

  1. You’ll interact with other employees:

The social experience is different in a start-up. In a start-up environment, there are usually fewer interns, which means your daily interactions will be with full-time employees itself. The benefit to this is that you will get more insight and advice from those who are currently working in your field, and you will also be creating a valuable network.

  1. You’ll have learning hiring experience:

Strict schedules with lots of rules and requirements often eliminates many people from the process of recruitment. However, in a start-up, you will find that there tends to be more flexible and most of them will hire regularly throughout the year. The interview process itself is often less rigorous as Start-ups will focus more on your ability to execute various tasks efficiently.

Concluding note.

As you can gather from this guide, there is more than one option when it comes to working as an intern. If you want to really get stuck in with a company, help a business grow from the bottom up, or even start your own business, working as an intern in a start-up will give you all the experience you will need.

Therefore, make considerations before interning anywhere. By keeping all the above points in mind, a start-up internship can be a great choice for interns.

Welcome to the world of interns with best wishes!

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