How can Internships help you know your passion?

“Your time’s limited, don’t waste it living someone else’s life.” said one of the greatest entrepreneurs of the century, Steve Jobs, thus implying the importance of analysing, exploring and decoding yourself. Thus, the line insinuates that trying to be someone else is not something a person would enjoy in the long run. Thus, everyone needs to create a self-identity. Your

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Differences between a CV and Resume

A CV or Resume is one of the most important components of a professional career. It can make a huge difference between receiving a job and getting rejected. The list of questions related to a CV and a Resume is widespread and for a good reason. It is because both tools bear a striking resemblance, so much that many professionals

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Different Steps to Success

The sound of the word success touching the eardrums excites, gives Goosebumps and instils a form of energy in everyone who is just fascinated by the idea of it. Come on, since childhood we are taught to be a better and a successful human being. Doesn’t matter from where the motivation for being efficacious comes from, it should inculcate some

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